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How can we effectively recognise and celebrate the achievements of SMEs that are shaping the future of food?

Bump collaborated with FoodDrinkEurope to create The Foodies: an annual celebration of sustainability achievement among 290,000 small and medium-sized enterprises that make up 99% of Europe’s food and drink industry.

The project included a yearlong campaign informing people about the awards, a customised microsite highlighting all of The Foodies content, as well as a 30-minute, content-packed, semi-live show that replaced FoodDrinkEurope’s annual event. Through this format, FoodDrinkEurope was able to innovate how they engage with the industry and cover a lot of bases in a short period of time.

Like it says on the front page of this website, combining the digital and physical is kind of our thing – check out the trailer for more details on The Foodies:

Just like with The Foodies, we love to help clients dream up unique event formats and series to engage their industries while making the best of what technology has to offer to actually pull them off.

Sometimes we do the A-Z of it all, and sometimes we’re just there as thinking partners and the client does the rest.

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