How can you inspire meaningful policy change with creativity and technology?

We believe that delivering a message in the form of a total experience can help move the needle on the policy issues that shape our world. We work with companies, industry associations, NGOs and non-profits to combine our deep experience with EU policymaking with innovative advocacy campaigns that people pay attention to. Here’s how you can work with us.

Strategy & creative workshops.

Ideas are always better when built through true partnership. We like to think together with clients in a workshop format to nail down strategic foundations and walk away will full formed ideas that we (or just the client) can start executing the next day.

Our “most workshoppable” topics: virtual event strategy, digital and social media strategy, LinkedIn for EU public affairs, creative campaign ideation, brand (re-) positioning and re-branding, video production and even virtual workshops on running virtual workshops.

Reimagining virtual events and teaching others to do the same.

Connecting remotely has become a must, and virtual and hybrid events are set to become a mainstay as soon as we sort out that virus thing. Like it says on the front page of this website, combining the digital and physical is kind of our thing.

We help clients dream up unique event formats and series to engage their worlds and then help them make the best of what technology has to offer to actually pull them off.

Sometimes we do the A-Z of it all, and sometimes we’re just there as thinking partners and the client does the rest.

Check out how we worked with FoodDrinkEurope to reimagine what a live event can look and feel like in the pandemic era with 30 minutes of action-packed semi-live television:

We’re also HUGE fans of LinkedIn Live and work with clients like Environmental Defense Fund and FoodDrinkEurope to get the very best out of the platform. Check out the latter’s webinar on understanding regenerative agriculture:

Also check out this clip from an event produced in Bump’s studio, complete with a custom drone-shot intro.

To make events work even harder, we craft custom event centrepieces that tell stories and leave audiences with messages they won’t soon forget. The video below covers the European Parliament’s first escape game, which we built for EFPIA (Europe’s pharma companies) and a mobile outdoor (and COVID-safe) recruitment game for the Antwerp police department.

And below you’ll find a closer look at EFPIA’s rentrée event, From Unmet Medical Needs to Solutions, as well as the European Banking Federation’s Supercharging Financial Skills interactive lightning bolt quiz for European Money Week:

Campaigns with a focus on people and video.

We work primarily with senior-level clients to add strategic rigour to the their digital and social efforts. From the daily social drumbeat to full-fledged campaigns with fresh content formats, our approach is about adding value for our clients where it make sense and helping them help themselves when THAT makes sense.

From beautiful remotely-produced campaigns like this:

To more in-depth on location shoots like these:

…or even motion graphic explainers like these for FoodDrinkEurope and end-of-year message from Novartis.

Executive thought leadership

We work with senior leaders to both help them build personal narratives that serve their objectives and articulate those narratives through compelling video content. Here are few selections from our portfolio (you’ll notice a few shots with our drone as well).

Looking to co-create something awesome?

Good news. So are we.