What does the blitz version of our Podcast production training look like - with a few very special guests?

Podcast Lab is both a one-time free one day event on 6 February in Brussels AND a group training orgs can book. It is an exploration with the EU bubble policy comms community of how we can build strategy-led podcasts that become must-listens in the right (policy micro-communities).

This page covers the free event in detail, head to this page for more details on how the group training takes orgs from podcast concept to self-produced pilot episode in three days.

What is the Podcast Lab one-day free event on 6 February in Brussels all about?

The basics:
– 6 February, Cinematek Brussels (Rue Baron Horta 9)
– A morning session (10-1230) and an afternoon session (1330-1600)
– You pick one or the other (Bump clients get to stay all day if they want 😉 )
– 1/3 learnings about podcast production
– 1/3 insights from respected podcasters
– 1/3 live podcast production

The special guests:

Learnings from the Bump team:

  • The Bump Podcast Production Canvas – straightforward steps to follow from strategy to concept to pilot
  • Gear and software recommendations for recording and editing
  • Smart format pivots to the classic podcast interview
  • Visual inspiration for building your own video podcast set
  • Cases studies on bringing audio storytelling into physical policy experiences
  • Learnings from experience on what (not) to do as a podcast host

Have a look at the agenda...

Can I download the whole agenda as a pdf?

Yep, here it is.

Whoa this thing is jam packed with value - is it free and how do I sign up?

Yes, it’s free!

You can sign up by emailing and telling us your preference for the AM or PM session. Bump clients are welcome to stay the whole day.

Important notes:

  • Filming: we will be filming the entire day and content from the event will be shared online for at least the rest of 2024. If you register you will be asked to consent to being visible/audible in video/audio content.
  • Lunch: will not be provided
  • Coffee/tea/water: will be provided before and after the am and pm session in the Cinematek lobby. BUT only water (not coffee) you bring in your own container is permitted by Cinematek in their screening room.

Podcast Playlist

Looking to co-create something awesome?

Good news. So are we.