How can we help EU bubble podcasters level up their production skills?

The podcast revolution is well underway and if the amount of self-produced podcasts in the EU bubble is any indication, there is a clear ambition in the EU bubble to dive right in.

Podcast Lab is an exploration with the EU bubble policy comms community of how we can channel that ambition into podcasts that could become true must-listens for specific (policy) micro-communities because of the value they add and the people-centred stories they tell.


  • A three-day group course for communications, public affairs and advocacy pros to learn how to produce three podcast formats from A to Z.
  • Two days in a creative space among your ambitious peers with a day in between for you to record in your office or home
  • A team of 5 expert trainers to shepherd you from concept development, storytelling and interview skills all the way to technical production and audience development.


The perfect mix of theory and practice.

Our three days together aren’t just about listening and learning – they are about rolling your sleeves up and creating. That’s why we’ve made an intentional effort to not only provide the theory you need but plenty of time to start making. There’s nothing quite like being in a room with others who want to create – great energy breeds great creative outputs.

ZOOM in below for a detailed overview of our three days, from pre- to post-production and a group listening party.

Who is Podcast Lab for?

Communications, public affairs and advocacy professionals involved in any step of the podcast production process.

What skills will I leave with?

You will leave knowing:

  • How to produce three common podcasts format from A to Z.
  1. 1:1 interview
  2. Three-person dialogue
  3. Narrative (voiceover + interview)
  • Which low-cost or free gear and software to work with for recording and editing.
  • How to distribute and attract listeners to your podcast.

Do I need podcast experience? Or, what if I have already produced a podcast?

Podcast Lab has been designed so that anyone with an interest can learn the foundations of podcast production. If you are brand new to podcast production, you’ll get your feet wet and ideas flowing. If this isn’t your first rodeo, you’ll learn smart pivots to your existing formats and the finer points of technical execution.  Your specific focus in our 1:1 counseling sessions with the Bump team is up to you.

Will there be 1:1 coaching?

Yes. On Wednesday (offsite recording day), you will have the option to book a 20-minute 1:1 Zoom consultation with the Bump trainer of your choice. Some of us are more geared towards concepting and storytelling while others have technical expertise in audio production and editing.

Following your three days at Podcast Lab, you will also have the option to book a one hour 1:1 consultation about a podcast project with a Bump trainer.

Where will the 6-8 February edition of Podcast Lab take place?

Podcast Lab takes place over three days: Tuesday and Thursday we meet in a creative space in Brussels with room for large and small group sessions. On Wednesday, participants record at their own office or home.

Who are the Podcast Lab Trainers?

The Bump Podcast Lab training team includes former multimedia journalists Mike Ball and Malte Ketelsen (ex-EurActiv), former journalist Habib Msallem (ex-Sunday Times) as well as experienced EU public affairs and creative strategy consultants Ali Colwell and Brett Kobie.

How should I prepare? And what gear do I need to bring?

Before your session, you will receive an e-mail outlining;

• Podcasts we recommend you listen to to understand the three formats we will learn.

• A list of (free) gear and software to bring on-site including headphones, a laptop and smartphone or other recording device.

How much does Podcast Lab cost?

The fee for Podcast Lab is 950 per participant and includes two days of breakfast and lunch as well as our catered listening party at the end of the session.

Organisations sending three or more people may attend for 850 per participant.

Bump clients may attend for 800.


For a chat about Podcast Lab or to register, simply email:

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