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How can we make the story of Europe’s packaging industry engaging and accessible for an EU Bubble audience?

Europen’s vision of a fully accessible European market for packaging and packaged products that also protect the product and environment plays a crucial role within the EU. But it can be challenging to bring this narrative to life in a way that resonates with diverse audiences, both within and beyond the so-called EU Bubble.

In our ongoing creative partnership with Europen, the team at Bump aims to narrate the packaging story in a way that’s not just informational, but also engaging and people-focused. We knew that the most effective methods to achieve this would be through the power of video content and immersive experiences.

Our collaboration with Europen has encompassed various elements. We provided art direction and production of visual assets and video explainers for their ‘Packaging with Purpose’ campaign, for instance. These resources offered a deeper understanding of the industry while making complex topics more accessible and engaging for a wider audience.

However, we didn’t limit our storytelling to digital media. At Europen’s annual event, we created physical activations, including a captivating memory-matching game that both entertained and educated attendees. 

In addition, we designed an interactive globe centrepiece, encouraging visitors to identify their country of origin or places they’ve conducted business thanks to the EU’s single market. This interactive globe not only symbolised the interconnectedness of Europen’s mission but also allowed visitors to physically participate in the narrative we were crafting.

We also designed a vibrant mural for Europen’s office wall, serving as a visual reminder of their mission and the industry’s ongoing story. Our storytelling also extended to the production of video content across a multitude of subjects, including the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR), offering insight into diverse aspects of the packaging industry.

Through our multifaceted approach, we continue to successfully breathe life into the story of Europe’s packaging industry through co-creation with Europen. By harnessing the power of visual and human-centred storytelling, together we’ve made the packaging industry’s narrative accessible, engaging and memorable for the EU Bubble and beyond.

Learn more about our collaboration with Europen on our work page.

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