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How can we combine the perspectives of multiple stakeholders to create one cohesive, interactive exhibition in the European Parliament?

We recently collaborated on an EP exhibition centred around a call for a joint CVD and diabetes health check, spearheaded by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) and supported by several patient organisations and stakeholders.

The exhibition, sponsored by MEP István Ujhelyi and titled, “Because we can’t afford not to: Let’s make a joint health check for CVD and diabetes happen,” sought to underline the criticality of proactive screening for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases – as both diseases feature prominently among the chief causes of preventable and premature death across Europe.

An alarming statistic paints a concerning picture: more than one in three adults with diabetes remain undiagnosed. Furthermore, between 20-40% of heart attack victims had never received a previous diagnosis for cardiovascular disease. With a staggering one-third of diabetics eventually developing CVD, the plea for a joint health check in the EU couldn’t be more urgent.

The exhibition took place in the Altiero Spinelli Building of the European Parliament. This immersive exhibition offered visitors an enlightening journey filled with insights, perspectives and real-life stories of individuals grappling with CVD and diabetes. 

But how did we transform this vision into reality?

Our strategy focused on two things: engagement and interaction. From there, we weaved together perspectives from diverse pharmaceutical industry stakeholders, shaping them into a creative, educative and interactive narrative with the help of EFPIA and its partnering organisations.

The exhibition space included several interactive elements:

  1. A foot pedal quiz: This experience emphasised important statistics about CVD and diabetes, encouraging visitors to engage with the information in an entertaining way and learn more key information about the burden of these diseases in society.
  2. A wall of quotes, which activated video content through augmented reality: This innovative display showcased quotes and images from a range of sources—policymakers, healthcare professionals and people living with CVD and diabetes. By using the Artivive app on the provided tablets, visitors could hover a device over the images and activate related video content, bringing the photo wall to life with the sources’ stories.
  3. A call-to-action photo booth and wall: With Instax cameras in hand, visitors had the chance to provide tangible support for the joint health check initiative while creating a personal memento of the event.
  4. A key messages wall: The centrepiece design of the exhibition was the giant back wall that included vital facts further emphasising the need for a joint health check for CVD and diabetes in Europe. 

By presenting the critical need for a joint health check in an unexpected, interactive and impactful way, we were able to create a space that further sparked dialogue and engagement on healthcare in the European Parliament. 

The exhibition’s success demonstrates that it’s indeed possible to take the diverse perspectives and input of an organisation’s stakeholders and intertwine it with creativity and advocacy to show up in an unexpected way.

See the project for yourself on our work page.

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