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How can the pharmaceutical industry show up in the European Parliament in an unexpected and creative way?

EFPIA’s coalition of stakeholders teamed up with Bump to bring their creative vision to life for an EP exhibition, sponsored by MEP István Ujhelyi. Titled “Because we can’t afford not to: Let’s make a joint health check for CVD and diabetes happen,” the exhibition highlighted the importance of preventative care and screening for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Diabetes and CVD rank among the top causes of preventable and premature death in Europe. Currently over 1 in 3 adults living with diabetes are undiagnosed, and between 20 and 40% of heart attacks occur in people previously undiagnosed with cardiovascular disease. 

The exhibition had a simple message for the European Parliament: We must do better. Early detection can save lives and keep people healthy. As one-third of people living with diabetes develop CVD, a joint health check is crucially needed in the EU.

From 28 February – 2 March in the Altiero Spinelli Building of the European Parliament, visitors experienced a space that offered insights, events and perspectives from people living with diabetes and CVD, healthcare professionals, policymakers, researchers and industry with one goal: limiting the serious impact of CVD and diabetes on Europeans and healthcare systems.

Combining input, messaging and insights from a variety of pharmaceutical industry stakeholders, the Bump team worked our creative magic to bring the space to life with some interactive and educational activations, including:

  • A foot pedal quiz that highlighted important statistics around CVD and diabetes
  • A wall of quotes and images from policymakers, healthcare professionals and people living with CVD & diabetes – powered by AR app Artivive, visitors could hover a tablet over the images to activate video content, bridging the physical and digital spaces of the exhibition
  • A photo booth and photo wall, complete with Instax cameras, for visitors to offer tangible support for the joint health check (and even create a nice little souvenir for themselves if they wished)
  • A giant key messages wall that tied the exhibition together with information that highlighted the urgency of a joint health check for CVD & diabetes in the EU, alongside a space for policymakers and industry stakeholders to connect through scheduled talks, meetings and more

See the exhibition for yourself in the video and images below:

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