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How can we empower organisations to harness the full potential of in-house video production?

We’re big fans of empowering organisations and associations within the Brussels Bubble to harness the full potential of in-house video production. After all, it’s no secret that video is one of the best and most impactful ways you can connect with your audiences. 

Our methodology, as with all things ‘Bump’, focuses on collaboration, which enables clients to create excellent video content with a healthy blend of independence, a sprinkle of ambition and a dash of our professional support. Sometimes you just need a partner to get you launched on video.

We’ve built studios for ACEA, DigitalEurope and Cefic and have helped them develop repeatable video content formats – check out some of the examples below:

So, how do we do it?


Step 1: Defining your video production capabilities

We begin with a deep dive into understanding the unique capabilities and aspirations of each client. We collaboratively determine the types of videos that can be produced in-house and identify areas where outsourcing might still be necessary. This foundational step ensures that we can tailor the approach to each organisation’s strengths and needs.


Step 2: Co-creating video templates

Together, we develop video templates that empower teams to produce high-quality content independently or with minimal external support. These templates are designed to streamline production processes, allowing for efficient, cost-effective video creation that doesn’t compromise on quality.


Step 3: Identifying a location

Of course, to build a mini-studio, we need physical space, so we will need to find a place in the client’s office that we can transform. These studios are tailored to be as simple as possible, which gives some limitations to the content formats they can be used for – but this tradeoff means they’re easier to manage and operate than a fully equipped, do-it-all studio.


Step 4: Setting up the studio

We offer advice on how to set up the space, as well as guidance on what equipment the studio should have. From there, we help the client liaise with trusted partners who build out the space. 


Step 5: Pilot the video templates

We can then guide you through the filming of pilots for each video template. This is a way to test the studio and iron out any final details, while also training the core team who will be in charge of creating these templates. Note: If external service providers would do this step instead, we work alongside them to walk them through the studio setup.

Looking to co-create something awesome?

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