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How can we translate complex topics into engaging, visually appealing centrepieces?

Brussels is a mix of decision makers, journalists, policy experts and more, and when it comes to communicating in the EU Bubble, there’s always a need to break down complex topics. 

But in order to actually get your message to the right people in the right way, it’s important to try to make policy engaging, understandable and – dare we say – fun!

This is where interactive infographics and centrepieces come in handy. They’re not just static charts or another banner roll-up, they’re engaging visuals where you can explore different layers of information and come away with a better understanding of the topic at hand. 

In other words, it’s a great way to convey complex information without overwhelming or boring your audience.

Let’s explore some of the experiences we’ve co-created with clients:


How can we close the innovation gap?

As part of EFPIA’s rentrée event, we co-created a living infographic that highlights the large disparities that exist between the EU and other competitive countries when it comes to medical R&D and innovation.

This visually demonstrated how much faster innovative medicines are approved in the US, China and elsewhere vs. the EU. However, participants could use the buttons on the wall to help move the ‘pills’ through the digitised wheels and help innovation move faster for the EU.

Check out images from the installation, and see how EFPIA is calling for the EU to ‘close the gap’:

Paint by numbers

For the past two years, Bump has collaborated with FoodDrinkEurope to create the #FoodFuture IdeasFest: an afternoon of more than 24 bite-sized, energetic, TED-style talks on the future of sustainable food systems in Europe.

During the inaugural edition of the event, we developed an interactive paint-by-numbers mural that visualised the EU’s farm-to-fork story, creating a beautiful visual centrepiece that everyone could engage with while attending the event.

Check out a timelapse of the mural being painted during IdeasFest:

A marble run for a good cause

The second edition of IdeasFest featured a customised marble run track that told the farm-to-fork story and doubled as a food donation initiative. 

It was a fun, interactive tool that got people talking and offered an impactful way to drive the #FoodFuture narrative while supporting a great cause – a win-win!

Learn more about the marble run donation bar from Will Surman, FoodDrinkEurope’s Deputy Director-General & Director of Strategic Communications, Public Affairs and ESG:

Interactive ‘better’ board for pep+

In partnership with PepsiCo, we launched a campaign that emphasised the PepsiCo Positive (pep+) initiative, with videos covering topics like regenerative agriculture, digital, carbon markets, packaging and more. 

These clips highlighted the company’s senior executives and provided a platform to visually showcase the advancements PepsiCo is making in these areas through insightful and captivating content. 

However, instead of merely being an online video campaign, we elevated the experience by blending the physical and the virtual via the ‘better’ board displays at two major events. With the aid of augmented reality, we made the activation come alive.

See the dynamic pep+ activation and a couple of the campaign videos below.

Lighting bolt quiz

Bump teamed up with the European Banking Federation to co-create an interactive lightning bolt quiz installation, where people could test their knowledge in a fun and simple way, while bringing awareness to the importance of supercharging financial skills all across Europe. 

We activated the experience on the pavilion of the ING Marnix Building in Brussels and at various events hosted throughout the week.

Check out the clip below to see the lightning bolt quiz in action.

CVD quiz

EFPIA’s coalition of stakeholders teamed up with Bump to bring their creative vision to life for an EP exhibition, sponsored by MEP István Ujhelyi. 

Titled “Because we can’t afford not to: Let’s make a joint health check for CVD and diabetes happen,” the exhibition highlighted the importance of preventative care and screening for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Visitors experienced a space that offered insights, events and perspectives from people living with diabetes and CVD, healthcare professionals, policymakers, researchers and industry with one goal: limiting the serious impact of CVD and diabetes on Europeans and healthcare systems.

Combining input, messaging and insights from a variety of pharmaceutical industry stakeholders, the Bump team worked our creative magic to bring the space to life with some interactive and educational activations, including a foot pedal quiz that highlighted important statistics around CVD and diabetes.

By sharing key data in the form of a quiz, visitors were able to understand and digest the information in a more engaging way, and were able to have a clearer picture of how CVD impacts society.

Sliding puzzle

When EFPIA approached Bump to co-create a gamified experience for their rentrée event, “From unmet medical needs to solutions,” we knew that we wanted to use this as an opportunity to share the stories of Europe’s patients and how healthcare innovation has impacted their lives.

The experience included a sliding photo puzzle that told three distinct stories of patients experiencing life with HPV, rheumatoid arthritis and hepatitis C, and the medical innovations that have led to the treatment (and cure) of these three diseases.

Check out the event aftermovie below to see more from the sliding photo puzzle, as well as other experiences we developed for the event.

Analogue interactive workshop centrepiece

For the CEE Patient Engagement Annual Forum in Budapest, supported by EFPIA and other partnering patient organisations, we collaborated on a low-tech centrepiece that focused on the event’s key message.

With one central question – How can we advance multi-stakeholder collaboration in patient engagement? – participants could take the opportunity to pin their answers to a map of the Central and Eastern European region, populating the centrepiece with expert insights.

Take a look at the sketches of the centrepiece below:

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