How can we entertain and educate people in the form of a game?

The escape game explosion.

Chances are good you’ve played one. Chances are great that you loved it. Indeed, escape games have exploded across Europe over the last decade. The idea that you can literally step inside a game and navigate your way through it is irresistible. It brings people together in ways that don’t naturally happen in the real world.

At Bump, we build custom escape games for a variety of clients and objectives. A one-hour physical escape game might fit well in a commercial operation while a brand may need a shorter ten-minute experience to convey a message to their audience.

We built the first escape game ever inside the European Parliament.

The European Pharmaceutical Industry Association (EFPIA) was looking for an innovative way to teach Members of European Parliament (MEPs) about the ups and downs of the drug development process. Developing new drugs to meet European patient needs is not easy – it takes on average 12 years for a drug to go from its initial conception to actually reaching the patients who need it.

MEPs are short on time, so we needed a way to leave them with that one important fact (“it takes 12 years to bring a new drug to patients), which would guide their policy making on pharmaceuticals for years to come.

We could have just told them this. Instead, we helped them experience it.

As part of an exhibition in the European Parliament, we built an VR quiz game in which 3 or more people would work together to complete a quiz about drug development.

“It takes 12 years to bring a new drug to a patient. You have 12 minutes to navigate the drug development process and escape the room.”

Have a gander at the user experience flow below👇

Long-form commercial escape games.

As part of a partnership with experienced location-based entertainment venue operators, we’ve built three fully functional one-hour game experiences. Built purely for entertainment and team-building, each game has a unique storyline and a series of challenges through which players have to navigate to escape the rooms.

What makes our games different than your average escape room? We bring together traditional physical elements with digital technology like sensors and projection mapping to create a truly next generation experience making our experiences unlike any other players have ever encountered.

Meet the Hive.

Long before the escape room craze hit the European mainstream, Bump got to work developing team game experiences that pushed the boundaries of what people thought they could do together in an enclosed space. Long story short, we built the Hive.

The Hive is a series of five interlocking games that combine physical and digital elements along with light and sound into truly unique game mechanics. While the Hive has never been staged in its totality, we do work with clients to layer their brand’s story on top of the game mechanics.

Story first. Technology second. Always.

A game is nothing without a story. That’s why we work with our brand clients to understand their business objectives and tease out what they want to convey to their audience. What is the one thing they want them to remember after playing the game? The one action they want them to take?

From there we craft a story that the audience can’t resist and place this in a game format that allows people to experience that story first hand.

Want to build your own escape game? Drop an e-mail to anyone on the team page.

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