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How can we highlight the ways in which healthcare innovation transforms the lives of Europe's patients?

When the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) approached Bump to co-create gamified experiences for their rentrée event, “From unmet medical needs to solutions,” we knew that we wanted to use this as an opportunity to share the stories of Europe’s patients and how healthcare innovation has impacted their lives.

Through a collection of interactive experiences, we were able to bring their stories to life in an educational and impactful way. These experiences included:

  • A multiple-choice quiz that highlighted the current state of medical innovation in Europe, and the urgent need for the EU to create an ecosystem that fosters healthy competition and innovation across the healthcare industry and health systems. Using the foot pedals, participants could test their knowledge while learning more about these topics.
  • A sliding photo puzzle that told three distinct stories of patients experiencing life with HPV, rheumatoid arthritis and hepatitis C, and the medical innovations that have led to the treatment (and cure) of these three diseases.
  • A giant, attention-grabbing LED wall demonstrating the ways in which medical innovation has helped patients get access to the treatments and cures needed for them to live long, happy, healthy lives with their loved ones.

The experiences were used as vehicles for telling the stories of Europe’s patients, but during the event itself, we also got to hear from a panel that included a woman who has not only beaten cervical cancer, but also has beaten melanoma. It was inspiring to hear her story and to get a patient’s perspective on healthcare in the EU alongside industry experts.

We were delighted to help EFPIA bring their vision to life for this event through a thoughtful, interactive experience design and build, which worked perfectly alongside the gorgeous visual identity developed by Leith.

The view from the panoramic hall of The Square wasn’t so bad either – there’s nothing quite like a sunset over Mont des Arts and the Brussels skyline!

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