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How can we use a compelling introduction and storytelling as a way to pique our audiences' interests?

The first few seconds of your content are the most important, whether you’re crafting a podcast, video, article or any other form of content, capturing your audience’s attention from the outset is paramount. 

Brett Kobie, Euractiv’s Evi Kiorri and I recently delved into this idea during the Bump Podcast Lab, where we explored the significance of a strong introduction and its impact on audience engagement in our discussion on Euractiv’s Beyond the Byline podcast.

A compelling introduction serves as a gateway to your content, enticing listeners, readers or viewers to stay tuned. It sets the tone, establishes relevance and sparks curiosity, effectively broadening your audience while keeping their interest piqued. 

However, achieving this initial engagement requires some foresight, planning and, most importantly, an understanding of your target audience and where you want to share your content. 

Some examples:


Using natural sounds and images to bring someone into a scene:

Using a beautiful image with a slow reveal and music:

Using a powerful cold open interview quote:

These are just a few examples, but I’m certain you will find plenty more that captivate your attention just from perusing online.

One tip to keep in mind: get to your content as quickly as possible. Is your video going to be shown on your own LinkedIn or YouTube channel? Then you probably don’t need to start the video with your logo. Show your  content first -you can always show the logo later when your audience is already invested.

And while incorporating storytelling into policymaking content may seem hard to do,  it offers a compelling avenue for engagement and impact. By infusing narratives, drama or humour into otherwise (seemingly) dry subjects, you can humanise your messages, making them more relatable and resonant with your audience.

Embracing this approach not only enhances the accessibility and appeal of your content, but it also strengthens its effectiveness in driving meaningful change.

In conclusion, the first few seconds of your content are indeed the most critical. They represent an opportunity to captivate, intrigue and inspire your audience, laying the foundation for a compelling narrative that resonates long after the content concludes. 

By prioritising the art of the introduction and embracing storytelling as a powerful tool, content creators and policymakers alike can elevate their messages and build deeper connections with their audience.

– Malte Ketelsen, Co-Video Lead


Photo credit: Romain Triollet

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