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How can we illustrate the importance of counting the refill-at-home model as reuse in the context of the EU’s Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation?

When the European Commission unveiled its ambitious proposal for the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR), it demonstrated how the EU sustainability landscape is evolving towards the future. But it also presented a question for PepsiCo: how can we rethink the concept of reuse and champion a refill-at-home model? 

That’s why PepsiCo teamed up with Bump once again to co-create an engaging campaign centred around this very question. The campaign supports the PPWR’s goals and promotes the broader principles of the EU Green Deal while also sparking a fresh dialogue around the potential of reuse and refill.

Our creative mission rested on an essential player in PepsiCo’s portfolio: the SodaStream. SodaStream allows consumers to refill a single bottle at home for up to three years, with one CO2 canister capable of carbonating around 60 litres of beverages. Despite this innovative model, the draft PPWR did not consider refill-at-home as a form of reuse. 

Given this, the campaign aims to highlight the indispensable role of refill-at-home models in meeting the PPWR’s reuse targets and the EU’s overarching decarbonisation objectives. Thus, the #RaceToRefill campaign was born.

The #RaceToRefill campaign is an ongoing, multi-faceted campaign showcasing the merits of the refill-at-home model in the EU. Our approach blended traditional and digital strategies to maximise reach and engagement

Our journey began with a billboard advertisement strategically placed in the bustling EU Quarter metro stations. This high-visibility location allowed us to share our message with a diverse range of commuters, capturing their attention and seeding the idea of a more sustainable future with the refill-at-home model.

Visual elements also played a significant role in our digital and in-person outreach. By incorporating engaging and eye-catching graphics that are easy to conceptualise (such as a complicated loop vs. a simple loop), we drew attention to the campaign, increasing its visibility and facilitating a broader understanding of the issue at hand.

However, the heart of our campaign lay in the insightful, people-focused video content we’ve crafted. These videos not only put a human face to the issue but also highlight the tangible impacts and benefits of embracing the refill-at-home model. 

Through this creative partnership with PepsiCo, we are showcasing how innovative approaches to reuse and refill can play a crucial role in realising the EU’s Green Deal. The #RaceToRefill campaign affirms that, when it comes to sustainability, we’re all in this race together.

Learn more about the campaign on our work page.

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