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In the world of pharma, narratives are shaped by a convergence of people, ideas and policies - but how can these stories be told compellingly and effectively?

That’s precisely the challenge we focus on in our collaborations with Novartis EU and Novartis Belux, setting out to construct a multi-dimensional portrait of the pharma landscape in Belgium, the EU and beyond.

At Bump, we believe in the power of human-centred narratives, so it made perfect sense to co-create video content that puts the spotlight on the people at the heart of Novartis and the pharma industry at large. 

From profiling executives who share their personal stories and perspectives, to presenting event content that encapsulates crucial developments, we’ve built a rich tapestry of stories that showcase the vibrancy of Novartis and its many different facets.

Advocacy is a key component of the pharma narrative, and we harnessed this in our video content. Through engaging interviews with MEPs, we’ve captured the viewpoints of key policymakers, offering audiences an inside look into the complex processes that shape the industry. And through profile videos, we’ve shared the Novartis narrative and perspective while centring the people who bring the company’s vision to life.

But our storytelling doesn’t stop at video content. Understanding the need for a robust digital presence in today’s world, we also helped orchestrate Novartis EU’s social media strategy. With a keen focus on platforms such as LinkedIn and, in a smaller capacity, Twitter, we’ve devised and executed strategic plans that have amplified Novartis EU’s voice in the digital space.

To supplement social media content, we’ve produced a variety of engaging resources, including animated GIFs, insightful quote cards and informative carousels. These elements not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of Novartis EU’s social media platforms but also make complex ideas more digestible and engaging for audiences.

By focusing on people-centric stories and harnessing the power of diverse content formats, we’ve been able to bring the narratives of pharma in Belgium, the EU and beyond to life. And as the landscape of pharma continues to evolve, so will our efforts to showcase this narrative.

Learn more about our ongoing collaboration with Novartis on our work page.

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