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How can we showcase the industry’s story in the context of a European Parliament exhibition?

While the significance of the video games industry in Europe often goes unnoticed, the Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE, recently rebranded as Video Games Europe), wanted to spotlight the transformative power of video games in its shaping of the continent’s digital and creative economy.

Through an interactive exhibition at the European Parliament, ISFE teamed up with Bump to bring the story of Europe’s video game industry to life from three key perspectives: Innovation, Sustainability and Education. 

Hosted by MEP Laurence Farreng, the exhibition, titled “Virtual worlds: How video games are helping shape Europe’s digital future,” encompassed an opening event, continuous short talks from industry and civil society speakers and roundtable discussions steered by MEPs. 

But the exhibition’s appeal extended beyond the talks and discussions. Visitors also had the chance to actively engage with the story, testing and playing video games designed around these three themes. 

This further demonstrated how video games are preparing individuals for future jobs (Education), contributing to technological advancements (Innovation) and serving as tools in achieving the goals set out in the EU Green Deal (Sustainability). 

Located on the third floor of the European Parliament’s Altiero Spinelli Building, the exhibition invited visitors to plunge into cutting-edge VR experiences, play games with educational implications and learn more about recent sustainability initiatives developed by the industry and its partner organisations.

So, how did we bring these ambitious themes to life?

Partnering with ISFE and key stakeholders, the team at Bump took on the task of illustrating the versatility, creativity and brilliance of Europe’s video games industry. Our approach centred on integrating the themes within these interactive video gaming experiences. 

In the Education area, we showcased games that offer more than just fun—they also have the potential to equip players with the skills and knowledge necessary for the jobs of the future. These games illustrated how the medium could be harnessed for educational growth and development, simultaneously stimulating the mind and entertaining the player.

The Innovation area focused on games that demonstrated the latest technology available from top video game publishers, such as Sony and Microsoft. VR experiences and advanced gaming tech demonstrated how the video games industry continuously pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, fostering the latest in technological evolution.

Finally, the Sustainability area highlighted games and initiatives that embody the spirit of the EU Green Deal. These games and initiatives showcased how this dynamic industry is playing an essential role in promoting environmentally friendly practices and contributing to a sustainable future.

Our collaboration with ISFE offered an immersive and engaging space for visitors to experience firsthand the transformative power of video games. By merging creativity, technology and critical global themes, we co-delivered an unforgettable narrative of the European video game industry’s pivotal role in shaping the continent’s digital future.

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