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How can we highlight the diverse initiatives of PepsiCo's Pep+ in an engaging and unexpected way?

In collaboration with PepsiCo, we worked together to bring a new campaign to the Brussels Bubble, highlighting all of the exciting and innovative work brought about through the Pep+ (PepsiCo Positive) initiative.

But to truly make this story come to life, we wanted to create a fun and engaging way to mix the physical with the digital – after all, that’s kind of our thing.

So we got to work and developed a beautiful installation made of 6 individual panels that brought the key message to the forefront in a single word: better.

But the activation wouldn’t be complete without a creative digital element to really grab the EU policy audience’s attention. So with the help of augmented reality we were able to bridge the physical and digital through video content on topics such as regenerative agriculture, digital transformation, carbon markets, packaging and more.

How did it work? Participants could download a free app, hold up their smartphones or the tablets provided and, as if by AR magic, activate six videos across the six physical panels.

These videos showcased senior leadership across the company, and offered an opportunity to communicate the work being done in these areas through visually engaging, bite-sized content.

Want to see the campaign in action? Check out some of the recap and video content we developed for PepsiCo below:


Header image: Midjourney prompt: flat two-dimensional beverage can in abstract graffiti style, sustainability, black, pink, blue, no other colours –ar 16:9

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