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How can we create an eye-catching, educational and fun experience that improves financial literacy in Europe?

European Money Week 2022 was centred around financial skills and financial literacy. In order to supercharge Europe’s financial skills, we co-created a fun and interactive way to test your financial knowledge: a quiz in the form of a lightning bolt installation.

The lightning bolt is responsive to participants’ answers, offering a green light for correct answers and red for incorrect answers – and as you work your way through the quiz, the lightning bolt ‘charges up’ so you can track your progress.

We activated the experience on the pavilion of the ING Marnix Building in Brussels and at various events hosted throughout the week.

In addition to the installation experience, we developed video content to highlight the quiz, events and stakeholders involved in making European Money Week a resounding success in an online format.

The activation also gave us the opportunity to create dynamic and catchy TikToks for the European Banking Federation, where we included promotional content for the activation, shared quiz questions and offered a behind-the-scenes look at European Money Week.

Check out some of the clips below to see more from European Money Week and the Supercharging Financial Skills campaign:

Header image: Midjourney prompt: europe finance :: blue, black, pink :: clean graffiti style –ar 16:9

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