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How can we chart the future of food with an event that shakes up the Brussels EU bubble?

Alongside the brilliant comms team at FoodDrinkEurope, we co-created an event experience unlike any the EU Bubble has ever seen.

The first-ever #FoodFuture IdeasFest brought participants a full afternoon of more than 24 bite-sized, energetic, TED-style talks on the future of sustainable food systems in Europe.

The event included three tents hosting concurrent expert speakers, based on three key themes: Nutrition, Climate Change and Sustainable Packaging.

But we didn’t stop there. IdeasFest also included an interactive paint-by-numbers mural, an insightful timeline of the 40-year history of FoodDrinkEurope and engaging video content of the speakers, among several other surprises throughout the afternoon and evening.

Tying the event together, we co-created and designed the Action Plan for Sustainable Food Systems alongside our design partners at Shtick.

Through IdeasFest, FoodDrinkEurope was able to further innovate how they engage with the industry and cover a lot of interesting, relevant and valuable topics in a short period of time.

As you might have noticed on our homepage, combining the digital and physical is kind of our thing – check out some key highlights from the first edition of the #FoodFuture IdeasFest:

Header image: Midjourney prompt: food and farming :: blue, black, pink :: clean graffiti style –ar 16:9

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