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How can we showcase the lesser-known aspects of police work to potential recruits?

Antwerp Police asked us to co-create an experience showcasing the lesser-known aspects of police work to potential recruits.

How did we get started? By sitting with a group of officers and listening to the plethora of stories they had to tell about their experiences, we were able to bundle these ideas together into a mobile game installation that can be used anywhere in the country to recruit potential new colleagues.

Translating these real stories from real police officers gave us the ability to create an interactive outdoor experience that is fun, engaging and (because this was crucial at that time) pandemic-safe.

Presented in the form of an escape game, the concept is simple: eight players get 10 minutes to experience police work in a unique way through a series of puzzles and challenges. In doing so, participants can find out whether they have what it takes for a job with the police.

Check out the videos below to see the Combicup experience in action – and hear more about how to get started with telling stories through games.

Header image: Midjourney prompt: police van :: blue, black, pink :: clean graffiti style –ar 16:9

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