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How can you show up in the EU bubble when you can't *actually* show up?

It's where small communities of people make big decisions about the future of Europe. It's the EU bubble, and it will always have a special place in Bump's heart. Five free online workshops aimed at EU affairs professionals working communications and advocacy, we'll talk you through practical tips and tricks you can put into practice tomorrow.

Connect with (or DM) Brett Kobie on LinkedIn for login details.

What's on the agenda?

Virtual workshops 101

Learn to run your own online communications and creative strategy workshops. Over 45 minutes, we’ll show you how to prep for, deliver and recap your own 3-hour workshop to get your team on the same page.

Games that tell stories.

Engage your audience by turning your story into a(n) (escape) game.

People (especially when chained to their desks) learn better and retain more when they take in your message through an on- or offline game. We’ll use examples of our work to talk you through the steps of turning your story into a playable game.

Creative campaigns with social impact.

Why your next creative campaign should actually help solve a problem, and not just make noise.

In today’s world brands shouldn’t just take a stand on societal problems, they should actively seek to solve them. We’ll talk you through two recent campaigns we’ve run (Corona Container and Buitenklas) that offered up simple design solutions to huge problems and outline a framework that helps you build your own creative campaign designed for REAL social impact.

LinkedIn - what's new and what works?

A look at how organisations and people are building personal relationships when they still can’t meet in person.

When your entire advocacy operation is forced online, how can you connect with people on an individual level? From LinkedIn Stories to LinkedIn Live to long form posts and the good old newsfeed - a whistle-stop of the LinkedIn features that can help you make meaningful connections.

10 creative hacks to elevate your Zoom event

Simple format tweaks to surprise your audience and keep them engaged.

Virtual calls and meetings have become a way of life and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. The good news is that everyone has adopted the technology. The bad news is every event looks and feels the same. We’ll look at ways to work within your attendees and panelists comfort zone, but still make for a memorable 45-60 minutes.

Do you have a project you want to discuss?

We’re interested to hear about it.