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Can we outsmart the coronavirus with creativity?

Coronavirus Part II. Not a movie any of us would like to see.

From Bump’s home city of Antwerp across the European continent, we need precision, information, scale and creativity to get in front of this.

In this #LinkedInLive, our Strategy & Creative Director Brett Kobie reintroduces our scalable urban testing concept for those who may have missed it. Our Design Lead Koen Huyghe is in the process of updated its design as well.

As creative entrepreneurs and small business owners, we want to be part of our collective solution to find the best way out of this. With wide scale pooled testing and tracing tech like the Savitas system from Xylos and partners, we can make a huge difference.

Are you in Antwerp or another place with cases on the rise? Share this idea – share *your* ideas, start a conversation to drive creativity and let’s #SmashTheCurve.

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