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How can you convey your sustainability commitment in an era when green-washing detectors are on high alert?

The sustainability conversation has serious societal momentum. The climate conversation within that, thanks to the millions who’ve marched for the last year on a weekly basis – has even more momentum. People want solutions, but they’ve also grown more educated about what is real solution and what is essentially greenwashing. Standing out in this crowded space means showing up in a credible way with an unbeatable value proposition.

Don't just tell people, show people.

With nonsense detectors on high alert and attention spans as short as ever, here are five ways you can make sure you value proposition is firmly planted in the mind of your audience.

Narrow down what makes your solution the best, then build that story into a game. What kind of game should it be? Layer your story on top of a number of game mechanics you think might fit. Grab a small focus group and let them loose on your playable prototype.

Can you figure out a way to put your audience directly inside the story? Can they walk through the black market backroom deals that have led to illegal refrigerants by stepping inside a giant refrigerator themselves? A fridge won’t work for every story, but there are infinite possibilities out there for settings in which to tell yours.

You’re probably sitting on some expensive real estate. Otherwise known as your office. Find a corner of that space and build a showroom of sorts. Use augmented reality technology to allow your audience to see their backstory behind each object.

Can’t find the exact set up that makes sense for your event? Build it yourself. It’s your unique story, craft a unique environment in which to tell it that is as interesting as the story itself.

Panel discussions are a dime a dozen. Sit down and draw a schematic of how most events look, then remix the hell out of it. Figure out how to design a format that brings the right people together in the right way, to leave with the right conclusion about your organisation, brand or product.

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