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How can we make great creative work happen within the strangest of templates?

Creative people and creative ideas are best when they’ve got a challenge to overcome – when they have to innovate themselves out a pickle. In this LinkedIn Live video series, we’re talking to people who inspired us before this coronavirus crisis, people who continue to invent during it and people who we know will continue to think sideways through problems after it. That the series in a nutshell. Bump Strategy & Creative Lead Brett Kobie announces new episodes on LinkedIn (connect with him there). We’ll also post replays on this page.

Meet Devika Jina, Author & Climate Communicator

The author of the upcoming book “The Extraordinary Life of Greta Thunberg” imagines a post-corona world in which people humbly consider how they live their lives. Do I need to buy that? Do I need to travel there? We’re making it work these days and we need to make it work when this is over. Going back to business as usual is just not an option.

Devika was kind enough to join Brett to share her thoughts about her creative side hustle as an author and where climate action and climate communications are headed next in this upside world.

Meet Eoghan Walsh, Award-winning beer writer & podcaster

Eoghan Walsh is the founder of Brussels Beer City who has won a tonne of awards for his brilliant writing (He’s also a top-class NGO communicator btw). He talks us through his new podcasting project Cabin Fever with some straightforward tips on how to get started with podcasts.

Also covered: helping small brewers or business owners of any type really in a time when they need your support. Thanks Eoghan for all the great stuff you are putting into the world during this crisitunity.

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