How can brands deliver their customers an unshakeable feeling of value being created?

What a confusing time to be alive

Today’s world is volatile and ever-changing. From one day to the next, reality can feel to be completely upended. Digital and social media bombard us in endless snippets – we view the outside world through a rolling feed.

All of this has people scratching their heads and asking questions: What is real? Who can I trust? What should I believe?

After years of bearing the brunt of an always-on ad-fuels s—storm, people are rethinking their relationships with the world around them.

New rule: if you put in the work, I may trust you

Ask someone anno 2020 who they trust and you’ll likely to see them count every organisation or brand on one hand. Trust today is hard won and granted by people only to the brands, organisations and institutions that have gone the extra mile to earn it

This is the beginning of the end of the attention economy. It’s the end of the spray-and-pray social media ad buying free-for-all. It’s the end of being told what to think by an algorithm.

The beginning of “I will decide for myself.”

To be ahead of the curve, brands will to curate a complete experience – one that lives seamlessly across the digital and physical worlds. They will have to work hard and smart to create and experience that leaves users and audiences with the unshakeable feeling of value being created.

Brand experiences by Bump.

It’s a brave new world in many ways. The attention economy has driven us toward short, snackable bits of information and entertainment that may spark a moment of joy, but are inherently forgettable.

Our team of creatives, architects, technologists and (game) designers breaks through the cacophony of blah blah nothingness to create a sensory experience that stays with people.

We’re diving head first into this new age of experience, and hope you will too.

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