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How can we build a game that tells an unforgettable story?

Learn by playing. Kids do it, adults can too.

Take 7 minutes to hear from Bump Innovation Lead Arnoud Schoofs on the power of gamifaction to make sure a messages lands.

A game, Arnoud explains, allows you to show –not just tell—a story in a memorable way and brings people together for a shared experience that is unlike any run of the mill interaction.

Which game is right for me?

Arnoud’s advice is to follow these steps:

First, define your audience: who are you trying to reach with this game? In what context, will you be able to reach them? Then move on to your message: what is the one simple takeaway you want implanted forever in their brains. Then it’s time to build a story around that message, a broader frame in which to embed it.

With your story clear, narrow the field to a few different “game mechanics” the foundations of the game you might build. This can be as simple and broad as “pac-man-style,” “board game-style” or the ever popular “escape game.” Think about games you know well and start from there. This is not rocket science (not yet at least!).

Now try layering your story on top of your game mechanic. Imagine your audience playing the game, would they be able to get your message or would they get lost in the gameplay. Pick a game mechanic you feel might be the most promising and tweak it gradually from there. Before you know it, you’ll have a working playable prototype.

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