Phygital lab for Hello Bank

A phygital experience, the new way of banking. The integration of digital elements into a store experience isn’t just a cool gimmick, but is a way to make the retail experience more meaningful and relevant.
Phygital is about offering consumers the best of both worlds. They can explore and experience novel things, while having enough room for offline and personal interactions. It’s not just all things digital youngsters talk about, they also have a growing craving for profound personal interactions. That’s why it’s very important to cater all of their senses. This retail concept, generated by Trendwolves, was the content of our initial design briefing.
bump successfully translated this brief into a successful phygital lab in a period of just three months.

Nathan made a nice discovery video about the phygital lab: check it out.

Key skill-sets for this project: general concept design concept, quality control, on-site coordination of works, budget control and game development.

Project type: Concept, design and realisation
Client: Trendwolves / Hello bank
Strategy & Ideation: Trendwolves
Interactive concept design:
Completion: 2015