Digital expert(ise)

With skill and persistence we are able to generate the most stunning 3D and digital content to support your project. We excel in photorealistic rendering, projection mapping, game development, interactive animations, and virtual reality. With our tools and skills we can showcase your design in the best way. Feel free to challenge us!

Research by design

Change is happening all around us and every sector will undergo a digital transition. A transition where the individual experience will be empowered. In the past; architects dealt with the built environment and the principles of form, space, and order in a static manner. As former architects we acknowledge the importance of this concept. But we believe that the changing relationship between society and technology calls for a review of this approach.

We devote ourselves to embrace this evolving relationship by incorporating technology in our designs and services. Our professional satisfaction comes from meaningfully combine both the digital and the physical and thus delivering multi-channel customer experiences.

Phygital innovation

The overlay between the digital and the physical world is an area of expertise that captures both our greatest skill-sets and sincere interests: to design and build projects and to continuously explore new technology.

We refer to the term 'phygital' world as a bridge between the online and analogue world. An intersection between the digital and physical, where the phygital spaces offer a real bridge between the online and offline world.